Gintama dating game

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Both have a protagonist who seems like a good-for-nothing but really cares about his friends, and both sometimes stop the hilarious comedy for a serious or really sad episode.

Oh, and both ran in Shonen Jump, so both have the common themes of "friendship, hard work, and victory".

They're random, fun, and overall just really silly.If you love the characters, the randomness, common humor, you'll surely love both series!Without a doubt, SKET Dance is the modern-campus-life Gintama!Each episode presents the boys and their classmates in unique situations that you may or may not have faced in high school yourself! If you enjoy a good laugh you will enjoy these two series!The Comedy style is nearly the same in both Gintama and in Daily lives of Highschool Boys, it will have you tearing from laughter for the whole episode!

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Gintama can get a little serious and even sad at times while Hoozuki shows no signs of that, but if you're looking for some good comedy and nonsense, you may want to look here.