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Free no taboo sec talk

There’s zinc, and citric acid, and, obviously, sperm.

I was surprised to learn that the majority of the volume comes from the seminal vesicles, not the vas deferens.

KP: OK, but before we do, can we clarify how erection happens, period? The most important part of the penis for an erection is the corpus cavernosa—two spongy cylinders, surrounded by muscles. Pressure from muscles and the hard penis itself presses on a network of veins, keeping the erection going by preventing blood from flowing out. But ED obviously also has a lot to do with a man’s perception of his performance relative to what he’s heard from his friends, or what his partner has experienced. It might not be the case after all that vaginas are more mysterious than penises—but it occurs to me that they might be more divisive. Sure, they’re weird-looking, and they carry a lot of baggage—including, most symbolically, centuries of male aggression/domination.

But people, at least people I know, don’t really get worked up about them.

Of course, they only studied seven women, and all of them reported “massive emissions” to begin with, so it’s possible that they’re all just incontinent during sex.Science suggests it’s harder to achieve than, say, a clitoral orgasm, which is enjoyed more locally and externally. JK: Well, I’m constrained by thousands of years of patriarchal tradition.Anyway, male orgasms aren’t as controversial because they’re as simple as—well, is there white stuff or not?Katie Palmer: Sure, there are still people arguing— arguing, in the medical literature—over the most basic parts of the female anatomy.There’s one father-daughter research team out of Italy that recently published that the female vaginal orgasm is a myth, because the G-spot doesn’t exist. JK: The chief being, of course, that the female vaginal orgasm is results in a deeply felt, full-body orgasm.

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Squirting is mostly pee, with trace amounts of prostatic secretions (yes, women have a prostate, also known as Skene’s glands); ejaculation is, biochemically, much more complex.

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