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in your query, Google will restrict the results to documents containing that word in the URL.For instance, [ inurl:print site: searches for pages on Google Guide in which the URL contains the word “print.” It finds pdf files that are in the directory or folder named “print” on the Google Guide website.Some other two-letter abbreviations — such as UK for the United Kingdom — are also available.You can also find similar pages from the “Similar pages” link on Google’s main results page, and from the similar selector in the Page-Specific Search area of the Advanced Search page.Many search operators can appear anywhere in your query.In our examples, we place the search operator as far to the right as possible.For example, [ allintext: travel packing list ] will return only pages in which the words “travel,” “packing,” and “list” appear in the text of the page.This functionality can also be obtained through the Advanced Web Search page, under Occurrences.

The author can be a full or partial name or email address.When you click on anchor text, you will be taken to the page or place on the page to which it is linked.When using , Google restricts results to those containing all the query terms you specify in the text of the page.In Google News, the operator will return articles whose titles include the terms you specify.The Uniform Resource Locator, more commonly known as URL, is the address that specifies the location of a file on the Internet.

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We do this because the Advanced Search form writes queries in this way.

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