Fiction books on interracial dating

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Fiction books on interracial dating

Click Here To Buy Heidi Durrow’s semi-autobiographical novel is probably one of the most popular books about mixed-race experiences.

The book tells the story of a mixed girl, who was raised to think of herself as white, but whose light-brown skin comes with the expectation that she’ll “act Black” when she’s suddenly growing up in a Black neighborhood.

Although it’s important to read books that give you the facts, history, stats, and philosophies of different cultures, it’s also important to read books that let you take a walk in the shoes of someone who’s totally different than you.Click Here To Buy Completely different from Heidi Durrow’s take on multiracialism, Danzy Senna’s Caucasia tells a story about two sisters, one who physically looks black, like their father, and one who physically looks white, like their mother. While Durrow’s tale makes you think about the importance of personal identity, Senna reminds you that the color of your skin still matters in a racialized society and has a seriously significant impact on your daily experience.Click Here To Buy This suggestion comes straight from my own boyfriend, who says that it helped him understand that race doesn’t begin and end at the color of your skin, but is all sorts of tangled up in everything from history and politics to education, economics and even corporations.Here are few books that just might help you do that, or at the very least, help you come up with your own (maybe more culturally specific) list: Essays are a really great way to see the society-level issues on a more personal level, and James Baldwin is one of the best social critics and essayists of all time.Notes of a Native Son is a collection of essays, so you get to look at a bunch of different social and personal issues of race in one book.

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