Festival days dating sim cheat codes

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Festival days dating sim cheat codes

Also, just saying, they do work most on other games don't. This post is all about "Festival Days Sim Date", a game where you have 30 days to get a boyfriend (You are a girl) for the cultural Festival at your high school.I am gonna tell you about the boys you can choose from, cheats, and ending results.It is OKAY if you say the wrong thing to a boy, because you can just try again, and there are only two options for each dialogue. When you first get to know him he is dating a girl named Hana, but their relationship soon ends, causing him to be free.

Besides, why use a stupid code when you could wait a month?

ipwnchucknorris = 2000HP, 1000$, 50 stat points, and 100 of all items skywithdiamonds=00 isteppedonhistoe = Automaticaly takes you to the final day in Wonderland in which it's the day of the ball. You need to have a 6/6 in the mood meter and can get that score by talking thrice, giving gifts twice, having them give you something back, and at last you can go for a kiss.

battleofmidway= Automaticity taken to the middle of the 30 days, which unlocks Jack (guy in cocoon) When Iris comes click Short Skit ( 1). When Oliver comes its 1 if you click Card Trick and 2 if you click Short Skit.

I've been playing them for months and still love them!

* nobodylikesanex = full exp with Mako * screwthebento = unlocks Ren * charmingjerk = full exp with Ren * 4eyesarebetterthan2 = full exp with Akito * otakusarehot = full exp with Kaoru * medicplz = 1000 HP * ihasmoolah = 00 * epicpickpocket = All items * arentishiny = Full stats * worldismine = 1000 HP, 00, and all items and full stats * hibernate = Skip to the day of the cultural festival…

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Akito: 4eyesarebetterthan2 ~~~~~~YEARS LATER~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following are a list of all the cheats and what they do.