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Fortunately, placenta prievia is of rare occurrence, Miiller, by ling together the statistics of various investigators, found reported instances in 876,432 births, or not quite one case in a thousand. Mii Oer advances the theory that the ent of the ovum is eifected by contractions of the uterus soon conception. It i ' complete esfposi'i f KS written m Ih- so rich in scientific aff nc*bc Hly practicing ob^^ self of the advantage Ur i tfoversies^ The style is clear, concise, oomp ACtt and pleasin];. One 8vo vol., containing 161 pages, with complete Index, and illustrated by iip\¥Anl of 50 Flgiire* and Diagrmnr . A DICTIONARY OF MEDICINE, including General Pathology, General Therapeutics, Hygiene, and the Diseases xf London; Member of the General Council d Medical Education and Registration; Consulting Physician to the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest at Brompton, etc. but of various other cities, together with clinical contribu- tions from private practice. — Discharge of the ova from the ovary, and the formation of the corpus luteum. As a consequence, prolapsed funis aon accompaniment of the anomaly. The proportion of multi- IHB to primipars B is very hirge {6 : l).f Placenta prtevia :s most fre- Hent in women who have borne children with great rapidity, and in i Bcies shortly following abortions, conditions which favor relax- of the uterine walls, dilatation of the cavity, and defective relopment of the decidua. '* It places many things between the covers of one brxik which heretofore I have been obliged to look fr»r in many directions, and often without success/'— Frank Abbot, M, D., Dean 0/ the Aew Vcrk C0tt D. 19 THE BREATH, AND THE DISEASES WHICH GIVE IT A FETID ODOR. i M,n..r .,( third, and nobtniy uui It 15 the mature prr^d Tn f i observation. ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS.— In nc cepttng arlicles of that class^ regard is had more particularly to the wants of the gen- eral practitioner, and all the special branches of medicine are duly represented* BOOK NOTICKS,— Current publications are noticed in a spirit of fairness, and with the sole view of giving in formation to the reader* CLINICAL KLPORTS are also a regular fea- ture of the •* Journal/' embracing clinical records from the various hospitals and clin- ics, not only of New Vork.Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. 41 Ea BT Tm RTT-FOl TBTH STREET, Sep Umber, 188L PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION. Where the loss of blood in labor is continuous the woman gni! It is worthy of patient and renewed study." — Philadelphia Times, " The matter contained in this work is not only presented in a very interesting way, but is of great value." — Boston Journal 0/ Commerce. It is a volume of great interest to the profession, and a fitting memorial of its renowned and talented author. It is, perhaps, not to say that no sinj^le work upon has yet appeared, in this or any i^,^,^u i*^ which is superior to it.*' — Ofcr V^r^o Mtdicai intr, ' ' The commanding lepui in this specialty, and of the pital from which he has dra^•^ luj^iither with the g;ern? Carl Schroeder, Professor" of Midwifcry^ and Director of the Lying-in Institution in the Umversityof Erlangen. S., London* Member of the Royal Collefc Physicians, London. Those, therefore, who desire to know what is going on in the world of thought in these stirring times, when new knowledge is rapidly extending, and old errors are giving way, will find that they can keep informed only by subscribing for ** The Popular Science Monthly,** *' This is one of the very b? Its corps of conrribu- lurs comprise many of the ablest minds known to science and literature.'* — American Medical J&ur* nal {St. " No scientific student can dispense with this monthly, and it is difficult to unde one of the most interesting and insfruclis^e of thr periodicals now published, and one which is destined to play a large part in the mental de%elopment of the laity of this country. ♦* This magiuine is worth its weight in gold, for its service in educating the people." — American y&urnal 0/ Education (St, Lauis), DISEASES OF THE OVARIES: Their Diagnosis and Treatment. Spencer Wells, Fellow and Member of Council of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, etc., etc. You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books . The short time that has elapsed since the appearance of the first edition of this work precludes any attempt at extensive revision. restless and complains of headache and vertigo j the respirations be- come short, interrupted, and sighing, and the pulse small, weak, thi-eady. '*The germ theory of disease is most intelli- gently presented, and indeed the whole work is instinct with a high intellect." — Boston Common- Ufga Uhm " In the book before us we have the minute de- tails of hundreds of observations on infusions ex- posed to optically pure air; infusions of mutton, beef, haddock, hay, turnip, liver, hare, rabbit, grouse, pheasant, salmon, cod, etc. nil jth the subject-matter itself, wti In many of those for whom it is uur ofiiu: h^ Qilcr, possess themselves at once of the volume lad lom their own opinions of ilj merit," — Ait^tmid and Sur^ai J&umai, fitu ^to iolog]i B A MANUAL OF MIDWIFERY, Includio]? Translated from the third 'German edition by Chaeixs HJ Carter, B. With Twenly-^ix Engravings on Wood, i vol., Svo, 3S8 pp.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. It is estimated that from one to three pounds of blood may be lost in a single attack, and from four to five pounds in the course of labor (Muller). But derangement had always l)een treated as a distinct subject, and therefore empirically. He has also journeyed extensively in Europe, South America, and the United Stales, and always as an open-eyed, absorbed observer of nature and of men. •* Since the issue of the author's work on • Prac- ** The book contains a series of diafi^ams, dis-' tical Dietary,' he has felt the want of another, which playing the effects of sleep and meals on pulsation would embrace all the generally known and some and respiration, and of various kinds of food on less known foods, and contain the latest scientific respiration, which, as the results of Dr. The present volume is experiments, possess a very high value. It comes to us in fine dress as a double-columned myal octas T: of twmt THPight pai^es, and is filled with well-selected f^JH^ki^tin]^ articles. CHAPTER XXXIL PLACENTA PREVIA.— ACCIDENTAL H^MORRBAQB.'^JNVSRSi OW^ THE UTERUS. It is said to be prm when it occupies that portion of the uterus which is subject to dist tion during labor, or, in other words, to the spherical surface of tb lower portion of the uterus. "The profession is to be oongratii Uted posseising so valuable an addilun lu ci^ litenf' t\ire, and the author to be unstintedly praised fur his successful issue to an arduous under' - *ctt bear^, in a word, every evidence of having been written leisurely and with care. , /'- ■««, ♦* To the surgeon ami general practitioner of medicine, as well as the • • ■- * found invaluable. We consider the work a real addition to medical lit- erature." — Cincinnati Medical youmal. It contains about all that is known of the ars (fhsfefrica. and translated into three -'ip^ America now has the credit nf pr. In every case of artificial placental delivery the cavity of the ut should subsequently be thoroughly irrigated with warm carbolia water. — Cauaes of hoemorrhtge, — CUmcal fe«tur Doaig.^Dl Agiiotis — Treftimc Dt. — Invei'sioo of the utefvi^ Situation* — Normally the placenta, as we know, is situated at fundus and upon the side-walls of the uterus. mammary, anatomy and changes of^ im: cl more practical value to the dentist than Ui ik general practitioner or*surgeonu Hut U it b; » means a mere work on dentistry, alihough a p^a^ tical knowledge of the latter art MTftn-r fc*? The work, as a snalily in e^iery sect)c*n .1 JKf with the painstakmg effort » orthr aal Ho* :ct at the truth, and apply i\ in an it^|7«t(w» ^id practical way to the wants (jf the c«jml practitioner, the surigeon, and the droti^t" M^dkai Rtcord. " This little volume well deserves the attention of physicians, to whom we commend it most h\%,)X' ly."' ^CJkicago Medical youmal, ** To any one sufferings from the affection, cither in his own person or in that of his intimate ao- quaintances, we can commend this volume as con- tainins: all that is known concerning the subject, set forth in a pleasant style." — Philadelphia Medical Times, *' The author gives a suodnct account of the dis- eased conditions in which a fetid breath is an im- portant symptom, with his method of treatment. 7i' Y'or J^ Medical youma L **The work is, perhaps, better adapted to the wants of the student as a text -book, and to the praclilioner as a work of reference, than any other one publication on the subject. *' Rapidly paasi D^ lo a fourth editioa in Gtf- many.Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. D., IN BSOOGXITION OF HIS EMINENCE A8 A WBITEB, TEAOHKB, AND PHT8I0IAN, AND IN OBATEFUL AGKNOWLEDOMBNT OF HIS QBNEBOSITT TOWABD THE T0UN6EB MEMBEBS OF HIS PB0FES8I0N, C^ §ook is $tbkaie)^, WITH THE AFFECTIONATE BEOARD OF HIS FBIEND, THE AUTHOR. In the preparation of this work, my purpose lias been to present to the reader a fair statement of the changes which have been made by modem investigation in the views entertained respecting the physiology and pathology of pregnancy, labor, and childbed ; and I have endeavored to show that with advancing knowledge the art of midwifery has ceased to rest upon empirical rules, and is already, with rare exceptions, the natural outcome of scientific principles. The heemor- rhage generally ceases when the separation of the cotyledons is com- pleted and, after the rupture of the membranes, the pressure of the pre»enting part is brought to bear upon the bleeding surface. "It is the work of an able physician, and is written in a style which all pwwple can understand. These topics are discussed in a plain, common-sense style suited to the popular mind. Oswald is as epigrammatic as Emerson, as spicy as Montaigne, and as caustic as Heine. His first chapter is devoted to a consideration of the diet suitable for human beings and infants. The American editors have wisely resolved to preserve the style of the author, and adhere, as closely as possible, to his individual views and his particular style. Translated and edited, from the eighth German edition, with Extensive Additions, by William Crooks, F. The manufacture of soap will be found to include much detail. We like the book very much, and consider it a va\uab\e aj4d\t\or L\ox X\tt Jiterature of insanity. Gaxeite *'Dr H:i - create to the Innp 1 Mhicb hiti placed him ,, kip MS i alienists of Amefiva ; and wc prcdu t ivn this voloine the happy fortune of its prcdeoe^atmi — a raiiid jour- Ti '' - -' i-^;; editions. It was the policy of this magazine at the outset, and has been con- stantly a Jnered to since, to obtain the ablest statements from the most distinguished scientific men of a Ucounlries in their bearing upon the higher problems of investigation. - ^ ..*.., Mtmor), Disesiscrs c jf Mental Physiology . We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. ITUs hook is the property oj COOPER MEDICAL COLLEGEt , SAN FRANOISCO. To insure accuracy, I have spared no pains to subject the doctrines taught to rigorous clinical tests ; and I have everywhere sought to supplement and correct my own personal. Dur- ing the height of the jiains, too, the hsemorrhage is for the moment CSBted (Spiegelberg).* The number of abnormal presentations in placenta prasvia is very pe. It deals with practical iop Vcs, and xt-i SAciift itx^ set. Books of this character can not be too widely read." —Albany {N. In the next two he contrasts life in and out of doors. Extra articles have been inserted on chronic alcoholism, morphia-poi- soning, paralysis agitans, scleroderma, elephantiasis, progressive pernicious anaemia, and a chapter on yellow fever. The technology of glass, stone-ware, limes, and mortars will pre- sent much of interest to the builder and engineer. ^^ — "^rrvtln' ' ~ I mit of aji I t Abj (i ' »n insanity r f app ♦* W', *" within its pai^es is a fi* mental digcslitm ; rich 1 [ late the appetite for Icamm^ more solid elements that enli intellect/' — Nrm Ori Mtts Aitui Lui THE POPULAR SCIENXE MONTHLY. Leaving the dry and technica.1 details of science, which are of chief concern to !

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When the placenta is situated upon the anterior wall, the patient should be placed upon the side. Bartholomew's Hospital, and Lecturer on Pathological Anatomy in the Medical School. '• It is the work of one who has thoroughly stud- ied the subject, and who, when he finds the evi- dence conflicting on disputed points, has attempted to solve the problem by experiments and obsenra- tions of his own." — Practitioner^ London, *' It is a valuable work of reference and a wel- come addition to medical literature,— Z)»^AW Jour- nal 0/ Medical Science, "... D., Emeritus Professor* of Materia Medica in the University of Aber- deen, etc., etc. To medical students and practi- tioners of all sorts it will open up lines of thoug:ht duid investigation of the utmost moment."— ZV/r^ l^ancet. or c Ar J has contributed to ii Record ^ Nnti York^ *' This book b^rtrs tvfrffuee ( every ptage t 1 ill patient and i fpv^at person... Illus- trated by Six Lithographic Plates, By Alfred Vogel, M. The work is well up to the present state of pathological knowledge; complete wtthf^tit a» necessary prolixity; its symptomatology accurate, evidently the result of caieful • - 1 uf 1 competent and experienced clinical practitioner.