Excit adult chat

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Excit adult chat

For more information, read our July 2010 article "Re-enrolling Stop-Outs: Overcoming the Barriers." Besides stop-outs, Barzacchini advises also mining your database for prior inquiries and prior applicants.

Find out who has shown interest in your institution in the past but may not have received the follow-up needed at the time.

Online chat can be a key tool for boosting conversion from inquiry to applicant, or from applicant to enroll.

If your office is ready to ramp up further, offer an online adult viewbook that is dynamic, with live chat integrated into each page -- allowing prospective adult applicants to ask questions as they review the information.

When an admissions officer can reply to inquiries or questions in real time, this responsiveness is attractive to adults; it conveys that the institution is responsive and committed to them.I thought laying down some of the rules and tools for Twitter Chats would be a good start for those just thinking about starting a chat.To begin you should know that twitter chats are great engagement and highly targeted to your audience.In some cases, it can be 3-6 semesters between an adult's first attendance of an information session and matriculation -- data that shows the necessity of both multiple touchpoints.It's critical to both offer and advertise opportunities for them to ask questions and learn about the institution, and develop a follow-up plan for converting leads to applied students." Mike Barzacchini, Harper College An information session can be your best opportunity to remove barriers to enrollment -- not just by relaying critical information, but by providing hands-on assistance for adults who make the decision to apply. Remove barriers and red tape." Finally, Barzacchini draws attention to two things needed to move an adult from application to matriculation: Generally, adult students value responsiveness and a high degree of service.

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An audit of your records can tell you which past students stopped a few classes shy of a degree.