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In both the anime and the manga, she is noticeably Il Palazzo's favorite officer, usually receiving lighter punishment and higher promotions than Excel.Elgala is the third agent of ACROSS and Excel's rival for Ilpalazzo's affections.After the death of That Man, the surviving ACROSS Five in their only cameo appearance attempt to take revenge on Nabeshin but are quickly dispatched by him in episode twenty-six. Key is a bishonen, Visual Kei rockstar messenger sent by ACROSS Headquarters with special instructions for Ilpalazzo.

These foibles notwithstanding, Il Palazzo is no ordinary human being, as testify his yellow, cat-like eyes and seemingly supernatural powers exhibited in episode twenty-five; the manga would later reveal him to be a survivor of the ancient lost civilization of Solaria.is the most powerful leader of ACROSS, and Pedro's and Nabeshin's archnemesis."That Man" poses as a friend to Pedro and seduces both Pedro's sexy wife and the Great Will.Despite his power, he is an object of ridicule among most of his subordinates due to his appearance, mannerisms, and seeming disregard for lives and laws.Unfazed by this, he informs the six members of the Department that they are to assume the role of the Daitenzin, a sentai fighting force.

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One Daitenzin is Tooru Watanabe, who pins his hopes for a romantic relationship with Hyatt on his position in the civil service but grows despondent as the nature of his employment becomes clear.

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