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Ed westwick dating leighton meester cw

Gossiper: Leighton and Garrett may have had the trailers rocking a bit during filming (and maybe a few times afterward), but they are both free birds at the moment.

And as for Chair's real-life counterparts, Leighton and Ed have some serious sparks onscreen, obvi, but sadly, the chemistry ends there.

That's a big thing for that episode." Ed also promises "You will cry.

There will be tears."Ed Says They "Might Do One More Year" of the Show: When asked how much Chuck Bass Ed has in him, Ed replies thoughtfully: "I have a bit left in me, it's an exhausting character because it is well for the reasons that have been so apparent throughout the whole of the show, he's not platonic in any way.

I personally plan to avoid anything this person tries to promote.

She is toxic and it turns my stomach just to think that she avoided years of jail time.

After pleading with him for a good five minutes (I take your fan requests seriously, people!

I don't know what's going to happen I don't make the decisions really, I am a mere player. I'm still young, I'm only 24 so it's all good."Ed Is Coming to Twitter!

Dear Lobbying for Lowe: Rob def got his hands dirty back in the day...ahem, you know, the whole sex-tape-with-an-underage-girl thing. Lowe has rebounded with a surprisingly strong career.

You've got to give credit to a guy who can mock his own scandals on —even if he didn't give us all the dirt in his recent autobiography. Is he seeing someone else, or is he still thinking of Ms.

What I really want to know is if Leighton and Ed Westwick have ever hooked up?

They seem like good friends, but with chemistry like they have on the show, how can there not be something more there?

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