Dealing with an ex wife when dating andrew raia dating

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Dealing with an ex wife when dating

Hi I was in a mother and baby placement with the babys dad and me and hi broke up over something stupid it went to court and I got asked to leave the placement and the father stays in the placement but I want to get back with my babys dad dose anyone e know what would happen I’m in a complicated situation. The mother of my eldest 2 daughters takes them to stay with the mother of my youngest daughter. I think this is a very weird situation and get told from both of them that it isn’t weird at all.I want to know your thoughts as I find it very inappropriate.That feeling can worsen if your ex gets a serious, long-term partner.

After 17 years & almost 8 married together my Wife told me she doesn't love me anymore around 2 1/2 months ago & i'm completely heartbroken!!!

Also the mother of my first 2 daughters sees all my family which have cut ties with me for reasons that are unknown to me. SHE CAME TO MY FIANCEE AND ASKED IF IT IS OKAY THAT SHE CAN REGISTER THE BABY ON HIS SURNAME, WHERE I'M NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!!

My ex has got a new partner but he does not want to know the boys so she gets anybody to look after them but does not ask there dad so the boys r not get on with there mum anymore so they want to live with there dad but mum want let them but she does want them an way SO I'VE BEEN WITH MY FIANCEE FOR 6YRS NOW. IS IT POSSIBLE THAT SHE CAN TAKE HIM TO COURT FOR MAINTENANCE AND IS SHE ALLOWED TO USE HIS SURNAME??????

I have not had a problem with her dating and even kept the kids a month ago so she could go on a vacation with her (then) boyfriend.

Over the past week, he has come to multiple games and a graduation.

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Ultimately, however much he's around, there's no way he can replace you.