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Normal early gestational sacs are seen eccentrically placed, adjacent to the echogenic central stripe (Fig. These masses usually resolve spontaneously by the onset of the second trimester.

This includes but is not limited to power settings, basic orientation, and proper cleaning of ultrasound probes between uses.Considerable caution must be exercised not to confuse collections of fluid within a decidualized endometrium with early gestational sacs.These “pseudogestational sacs” can lead to a missed diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. Even in experienced hands, pseudosacs and early gestational sacs can be confused. An eccentrically placed intrauterine gestational sac 6 weeks postmenstruation ( arrow ). In contrast, a pseudosac ( arrow) in a patient with ectopic pregnancy representing a collection of blood or fluid collected within the endometrial cavity.The reader is referred to the American Institute of Ultrasound In Medicine for its extensive publications, workshops, and meetings (American Institute of Ultrasound In Medicine, 14570 Sweitzer Lane, Suite 100, Laurel, MD 20707–5906).described the orderly appearance of gestational sac, yolk sac, and embryo with heartbeat at a given number of days from the onset of the last menstrual period (Table 1).