Dating violence against boys

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Dating violence against boys

This chapter provides an overview of bullying dynamics manifested in teen dating violence (TDV) and intimate partner violence (IPV) between married, cohabitating, or dating adult partners.

An overview of TDV and IPV are provided including definitions, prevalence rates, causes, and consequences.

It happens to women of all races and ethnicities, incomes, and education levels.

It also happens across all age groups and in heterosexual and same-sex relationships.

The person may start calling you names, constantly checking on you, or demanding your time.

Building off a long history of research in the area of intimate partner violence, NIJ is now looking to relationships during adolescence to understand the factors that put individuals at risk for involvement in abusive romantic relationships as adults.

Staying in an abusive relationship can have long-lasting effects on your mental and physical health, including chronic pain and depression or anxiety. Abusive partners may also pressure you into having unprotected sex or prevent you from using birth control.

Or you may think that getting pregnant will stop the abuse. It’s a good idea to talk with your doctor about types of birth control you can use.

“Most research on sexual and dating violence has focused on high school and college students – but research shows these forms of violence are also prevalent among middle school students,” said Victoria Banyard, lead author and professor at Rutgers University–New Brunswick’s School of Social Work.

Despite nationwide concerns about the rate of violence among middle school youth, there have been few rigorously evaluated sexual and dating violence prevention initiatives for boys in this age range, particularly initiatives that emphasize the promotion of healthy masculinity, Banyard said.

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