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A favorite of many artists the iris was a favorite of Van Gogh among others.

Iris are planted in the late summer to early fall and bloom in the early summer.

There are also some very nice men’s silver and diamond ear studs and silver business card and CD holders among other silver gift ideas on the “Silver Messages” site. Iris is Greek for rainbow referring to the variety of colors of the iris blooms.

The iris is not only loved for its flowers but prized for the perfumes made from the plants’ roots.

The nice thing about a silk arrangement is it will last a long time reminding your partner everyday of your wonderful and lasting twenty-five year relationship.

Danny Burk has a website offering thousands of flower photos including some beautiful iris shots.

A quarter of a century, when you say it that way it sounds like a significant amount of time and it is.

There are some beautiful prints of Iris you can order on paper or canvas on the website if you want to give your partner something for the wall in your home or their office.Another great idea that everyone can contribute to is a charm bracelet with charms representing significant events over the past twenty-five years.You, your children, extended family members and friends could all contribute a special charm for the bracelet…all made of silver or sterling silver of course.Today silver is also used for electrical contacts and conductors, photographic film solutions, mirrors, dentistry, disinfectants and occasionally for its antimicrobial properties in medical settings.The twenty-fifth anniversary traditional and modern anniversary gift suggestions are both silver.

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Silver has been prized as a precious metal for a long time.

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