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Especially useful if you don’t want to hand out your credit card details. So if you list your item on sites such as Craigslist and a buyer offers to pay money into your Pay Pal account that is safe right ? But how can scammer get a hold of your money if its in your Pay Pal account? Here is how they can not only get your money but also keep the item they bought from you too: The Scam: The scammer asks for the items to be shipped to a specific address and money is paid into our Pay Pal account. The Reality: The delivery address is an invalid address and the sipping company can not find the location to make the delivery.After several attempts they flag the item as undeliverable on their system.Your best bet is to check out or review pages to get the best insight on the latest sites accepting Pay Pal.

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Most of the online dating sites that I’m considering joining require a paid subscription in order to get the most out of their features. Unfortunately, one doesn’t come across many online dating sites that accept Pay Pal as a method of payment. In order for a merchant to use Pay Pal as a payment gateway, they must adhere to a rigorous set of terms and conditions established by Pay Pal.

It has earned a strong reputation for speed and safety when making online payments.

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You have no proof that it was indeed delivered as the transaction detail shows the original address.

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