Dating science fiction

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Dating science fiction

Although the two genres are often conflated as science fiction/fantasy, science fiction differs from fantasy in that, within the context of the story, its imaginary elements are largely possible within scientifically established or scientifically postulated laws of nature (though some elements in a story might still be pure imaginative speculation).

Exploring the consequences of such differences is the traditional purpose of science fiction, making it a "literature of ideas".

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, which stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw as a woman on the run from the law who has to deal with managing her unique set of terrifying, destructive superpowers, takes the slow route, crafting a meandering road movie out of a woman's search for her identity and for a way to live with her traumatic past.

It all takes place in a not-so-far future in which water is rationed by the jug.

Time travel becomes parallel universes, and yet the central message -- our hero must learn to accept the life she's living instead of searching for a better one -- still contains the soul of the original.

Where to watch it: In theaters Release date: April 19Director: Julia Hart Cast: Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Lorraine Toussaint, David Strathairn Why it's great: With all the Avengers and Transformers and kaiju out there, it's tough for the more understated sci-fis to get their due.

In the same vein as takes place on board a spacefaring vessel whose inhabitants are doomed to live their lives in the void: a spaceship on a routine trip to Mars is suddenly knocked off course, and, unable to correct themselves, its passengers must resign themselves to living within its decks.

After that, it becomes a hilarious futuristic thriller, involving everything from cross-dressing lesbian detectives to murderous twins to Brexit to hermaphroditic fish to the European refugee crisis.

Where to watch it: If you're lucky enough to catch its extremely limited release in theaters, do so! Night Shyamalan Cast: Bruce Willis, James Mc Avoy, Samuel L.

Where to watch it: In theaters Release date: February 13Director: Christopher Landon Cast: Jessica Rothe, Suraj Sharma, Israel Broussard Why it's great: The danger with explain-y sequels to movies that wrapped up quite nicely without too much explanation is that the sequel, just by existing in the first place, will sour all the meaningful messages you got in the first movie by trying too hard to expand the universe.

The great thing about , is that it offers just enough new explanation for what's going on without erasing all the good stuff from the first movie.

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Science fantasy is largely based on writing entertainingly and rationally about alternate possibilities in settings that are contrary to known reality.