Dating of mahabharata and ramayana

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Southern Madurai was capital of 1 Sangam age (5550 BC – 1850 BC). ” ( कवाटम् पाण्ड्यानाम् – Valmiki Ramayana, chapter 41 -19). Date is anywhere between 5550 BC – 1850 BC That Pandyans were contemporaries of Ravana is known from Sinnamanur copper plates Sanskrit it is written “Dasaanan sandheepa rakshakaara”.

In Tamil the same is written as “dasavathanan saarbaaka sandhu seithum” Ravana bought peace with Pandyans – same thing told in Raghu Vamsam of Kalidasa 6-62 The location of Pandya is mentioned as “Aalavai” – another name for Kavaatam of the 2 Sangam age of Pandyas. Another internal reference: From my ppt presentation in SI3 conference Now coming to Oak’s date, his date of Ramayana even pre-dates the beginning of Holocene which started around 11,500 yrs before present (BP).

In an exchange with him on Twitter for open debate I sent to him the following transcripts in a series of tweets on January 8 of 2018. – Jayasree *************** Date of MB is non-negotiable as it is connected with Kali yuga that started 36 yrs after MB war. Tamil Siddha hymns also give a formula to deduce the day, star etc of any day, anytime of this time frame of K. If we don’t get this date, it means we haven’t understood the hints correctly.

Hints in MB: Planetary position, Upagrahas, Gara Karana (one of Pancha angas) and terrestrial sightings. Planets:-The reference to planets and their motion at the start of MB war pertains to Nimittha (निमित्त ) and the Based on all these I derived 3 water-tight features – Mars in Sravana, Saturn in Purva phalguni and an eclipsed Amavasya in Jyeshta with no eclipses in the preceding and successive pakshas and asked Dr N.

That Arundhati would not change position was noticed as early as Skanda’s times.

MB 3-229 is about how the wives of 6 out 7 sapta rishis were disowned by their respective husbands and allotted motherhood of Skanda.

The change in equinox – showing a shift in poles can be in understood by this figure.Only gradually Himalayans glaciers started breaking. So Ganga was not yet born in the time period he has given. Look at Hancock’s map prepared based on climate, rainfall etc of those times.The Indian monsoon had not started at that time – a fact confirmed in Hancock’s vegetation map of India at 10,600 BC. Only habitable place was west coast, extended beyond present limits and in SE Tamilnadu.The import is Arundhati alone stayed put without changing position. Such an Arundhati could have never changed position in the past or future. Talking on Skanda we move to Ramayana date as Skanda is worshiped in the Mantra of Indra dvaja by Manu (Brihad Samhita -55) Means Skanda aka Muruga existed before Manu’s times.He was born in Pandyan dynasty as ‘Ugra kumara’ or Muruga and hosted the 1 Sangam age.

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Around the same time of these sightings, a comet had hit Austria.

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