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Lively discussion of a good book can reveal a great deal about a person, plus let’s be honest: there’s not much more attractive than seeing someone speak with passion about an issue they care about.

New, close friendships are practically guaranteed, and the odds of sparks flying are pretty high, too!

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A tried and tested scheme for the meek of the world to amass friends is to latch onto a more extroverted person, like pilot fish hugging the underbelly of a shark.

An outgoing friend is a rich mine of potential friendships, and by making sure you always offer them a plus one (or three) when you invite them over, you can carefully grow your friendship circle.

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A slightly more long winded way to meet new people, but one that may be far more appealing to those of us who suffer from crippling shyness and/or general social inadequacy.

There are blogs and online communities out there for just about everything; from button collecting to bouldering, whatever your interests, a great way to enjoy your share of the sweet nectar of human interaction is by creating an account and getting involved.

The world is generally considered to be quite a big place, and there are cheek-slappingly enormous numbers of opportunities for meeting new people.

If you’re keen to make a change in your life but haven’t the foggiest idea where to begin, we’ve got you covered: below you will find a countdown of 10 tactics for expanding your friendship circle and, with a smidgeon of luck and some highly-tuned flirting, finding your new partner.

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The fluorescent lights and poorly hydrated ferns of the average office make for surprisingly fertile ground when it comes to social interaction.