Dating kroehler dressers

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Below we have some great guidelines, but the REAL answer has to be found from a qualified appraiser.

Most of the information below was garnered from the Antiques Roadshow Primer, but it is not complete.

Twentieth-century tables may be reinforced with large, crimped staples.

A one-board top, made from a single piece of wood, is a good indication of age.

Until 1800, all the antique mirror glass in America was imported.

Antique glass is thin (less than 1/8 inch thick), variably wavy, and somewhat gray in color.

A little glue cements the connection, and a good dovetail joint has great strength and durability.

If the upholstery is not original, lift one edge: the antique chair rail to check for the innumerable nail holes which, to a trained eye, are the reassuring sign of many re-upholsterings over the course of a long life. An old antique, handmade screw will have irregular widths between the spirals, running the whole length of the shaft. (New screws have sharp points and regular, evenly spaced threads.)Wood veneers on antique furniture are of thick and somewhat irregular widths, rather like home-sliced bread.

Each cut is exactly like the others, each “tail” and “pin” are exactly matched.

A close inspection shows no irregular saw cuts or variation from a skilled craftsman, but rather a precise and identical manufactured machined joint.

Value, in furniture, depends chiefly on four criteria -- rarity, provenance, quality, and condition.

Of these, only condition and provenance are fairly simple to establish.

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Steam power, transferred by pulleys and leather belts, operated saws, carving machines and routers that could copy an original pattern exactly.

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