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The Bantam did not require the double-ball end strings of the Steinberger.

The Hohner B2 and Jack Basses were licensed imitations, the Jack with a full wooden body, and using the same patented locking and tuning system as the L series, although without the graphite neck.

As such, it required double-ball end strings in the same way as the Steinberger originals.

Hohner continues to offer the G3T Steinberger licensed guitars, which have been available since "the late 1980s".

Current official all-wood instruments are sold under the Spirit by Steinberger brand.

The Spirit comes in two versions, the Deluxe and Standard.

All of these instruments have a number of interesting innovations in materials and design.

An NS Bass Guitar (headless) was added later to the production line.

Ned Steinberger has operated a company called "NS Design" since 1990 and produces electric violin family instruments: double basses, cellos, viola, violin.The first Steinberger basses were produced in 1979 in Brooklyn, New York by Ned Steinberger, essentially alone.A company, Steinberger Sound, was duly set up to manufacture the basses and later the guitars on a larger scale at Newburgh, New York; however demand always outstripped supply and the company was eventually sold to Gibson in 1987, although Steinberger remained part of the company for some time.One of the guitar models, the Trans Scale model, features a longer than average scale length and a built-in adjustable capo.By moving the capo closer to the end of the neck, one can play notes lower than standard guitar tuning without having to detune.

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The Deluxe features bridge and neck humbucker pickups with a single coil in the middle position and the Standard features a bridge humbucker and two single coils at the middle and neck position.

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