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I have read various articles on what documents are needed and where do I get them etc....

She lives in northern India and dreams of moving to a city called Toronto. And she knows how to get there with no long wait and a minimum of paperwork: All she has to do is find a Canadian to marry her. “It’s one of the biggest challenges for immigration,” said Richard Kurland, Vancouver-based veteran immigration policy analyst and immigration lawyer.

Once married, she is granted permanent resident status. “The problem knows no colour, no language.” “The only people getting hurt are Canadians — in their hearts and their wallets,” he said.

Once in Canada, all she needs to do to begin her new life is abandon him. Hundreds of fraudulent marriages take place every year.

you just have to go to the closest canadian consulate and get a form saying you have never been married, or have proof of your out for scammers!

Canadian citizens who wish to marry in China are required by the Chinese authorities to obtain and sign a declaration in front of a consular officer.

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its not to hard and its also cheaper and faster to get the documents in china.