Dating antique box coffee mills

Posted by / 22-Oct-2019 03:05

We also deal in box or lap mills and some larger counter models.

All of our hand operated coffee grinders are ready for you to use and enjoy in today's household.

I now have enough mills in my collection to grind coffee for a small army and we still use our original Arcade 25 as our daily grinder.

I do not enjoy sandblasting any antique, but I do enjoy seeing something that was unusable and neglected brought back to "like new" condition.

Our latest project is a great piece from back in the late 1890's, an Elgin No 42 Antique Coffee Mill.Most of the mills have been totally disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and some that didn't have a good original finish have been painted if necessary to "like new" condition.I would not recommend trying to use an old mill without giving it a through cleaning first.Years ago, Larry reconditioned two coffee mills and kept them for years, situations changed and the Mills were lost...One Mill was a deep hunter green and the other rich, deep red burgundy, both were cherished pieces, reconditioned by Larry himself (a true craftsman_...

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We started hunting for a solution and eventually found our first Arcade 25 coffee mill.

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