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But which ones are reliable and worth checking out?At this site, you'll find a big directory of online dating sites, sorted by category, along with helpful, detailed reviews of each service.This is a free online dating service that has lots of features to help you in your quest for romance.Bookofmatches offers profile comparisons, search capabilities, instant messaging, online status and much more.Like with the images, the language requirements follow general guidelines.

Ad texts (even if placed on images) must clearly state and represent the service or company advertised, with no fictitious characters or specific individuals.Also, ads may not suggest that a person may be, will be, is, or has been searched for or interacted with in any way.All caps or any other intrusive ways of presenting text is off the list as well, just like any attempts at directly requesting user attributes or indicating particular age bracket (even if your ad is set up for a specific age group).In addition, your ad must include the name of the site you advertise.and the army of our clients, complying with all the regulations is not a guarantee your ad will be approved at first attempt. In most cases, a rejection means that either you missed some complex rule or the person accepting your ad did not do their job properly. In any case, an appeal to Facebook support or resolution center usually solves the issue.

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On top of communicating with Facebook and requesting a repeat consideration, you can also set up three different ad groups, with different texts, targeting, and images.

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