Dating a stripper what everyone says

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Dating a dancer can sometimes seem like this ‘big thing’ that is difficult to wrap your head around at first.

But over time, it will come to be like anything else that a girl would do for money.

This is part of her livelihood, and she might have specific wishes…

and to be honest, that should not be so difficult to understand.

Some guys, when given the chance to see a stripper outside of work, just get shell-shocked.

Because they have actually managed to score a date with a dancer, they end up not being sure how to proceed.

If you have gotten to the point where you have met, gotten to know, and started dating a girl who dances at a club, then congrats! This will help you to be a happier, healthier human—but it will also help to keep her interested and keep the relationship more equal.

If she tells you she doesn’t want you at her workplace while she’s working, take her seriously and don’t push her…

unless you want to make her mad and risk ending the relationship.

But be assured, the ladies who work the club at night are also humans during the day, and many of them live basically normal lives.

Their work may be a party at times, but inside of almost every girl, stripper or not, is just a girl who wants a healthy relationship that she can feel fulfilled in. A lot of strippers have other gigs as well, with stripping being just another way to pull in some cash while the girl is either going to school, moving up the corporate ladder, or waiting for her big break at the day job she wants.

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So support her in this and give her the room and freedom to be who and what she wants to be… If you really end up caring about each other, you will both respect each other and treat each other with kindness… One of the number-one things that strippers say about men in the club is that they can always tell which ones have a true emotional attachment, and which ones are just out for sex. But at the same time, you will leave a much greater impact and make a much better first impression if you actually listen to what she says, take it to heart, and take it seriously.

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