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The GOP nominee was stalking, couldnt control himself, couldnt sit down, and was pacing and meandering around the stage, Fallon said.Madonna and Guy Ritchie: From granny slurs to vicious fights over Congratulations, Ireland, it s looking like you ve made history as the first nation to choose.Sandra Oh is “happy” that her new role on Killing Eve is a departure from her beloved Grey’s Anatomy character Dr.The Catfight actress, 46, was asked about playing Eve — a woman hunting down a psychopathic killer — and how the roles share similar character traits at a Television Critics Association panel on Friday, January 12.

Read More, zara Hartshorn had been bullied at school for her looks (Photo: Barcroft Media).

She said: "It is actually a serious illness and I'm disregarding it like it's not even serious.

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Yes winning by wide margins, with nationwide turnout over 60 for the referendum (American turnout.

Someone more clever than I am should make a gay sex joke about Erin go Braugh.

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