Cyber dating net cgi detail location

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Cyber dating net cgi detail location

Just like the name and number on Iqama, if your date of birth is not matching with your passport, you should return your Iqama for rectification.However, I have noticed that most of the times the DOB written on your residency permit does not match with a passport.Even DOB written on my card does not match with my passport.I don’t have to face any problem in this regard so far. Profession on your residence permit card tells other people about the job at which you are working.There are 12 details in the format of your Iqama such as your name in Arabic, name in English, Iqama number, serial number, place of issue, date of issue, date of birth, iqama profession, nationality, religion and the name of the employer.It is very important for each and every Iqama holder to know and understand these details, especially the iqama number and name should be learned by heart.The government regulates different matters with the profession on your Iqama.

If you want to check the real date of expiry of your residency permit, follow the instructions given in this link “How to Check Iqama Expiry Date Online?

Recommended: Procedure to change Name on Iqama and Driving License The second line of information contained in Iqama is your name in Arabic which is written just above the Iqama number.

Make sure at the time of collection of your Iqama that your actual name is written on residency permit card in Arabic.

”Once again, with the print of new Iqama cards, the expiry date is not that important but for a long time, it used to be treated as important as the name and number of Iqama.

Policemen used to check the expiry date to determine if someone is a residency law violator.

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The profession on your card should match with your actual profession.

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