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Profiles in Gleeden are divided into several different sections.

On the left side, you will find your profile photo, the percentage of profile completion, and different action buttons.

Gleeden was primarily launched in France, followed by other European countries.

As of 2012, it has been made available in over 100 countries.

Gleeden is a premiere extramarital dating website with over 4.5 million registered members.

It is made for individuals who are in a relationship, married, or separated, and want to have or get involved in an affair.

In 2015, they were sued by the Association of Catholic Families in France for promoting adultery.

The cry of the Catholic organization was for Gleeden to stop its advertising campaigns and discontinue their website.

After putting up promotional advertisements of their service on public spaces in France, they were met with even more opposition and disapproval.

The court dismissed the case due to the legality of the organization’s grounds—legal issues regarding adultery were only applicable within the boundaries of a private marital relationship.

Today, Gleeden has not stopped its promotional advertisements and continues to reinforce their stand that they are simply being a platform where attached individuals can disregard the taboo and explore safely.

Right beside your profile photo is your introductory paragraph if you have one, and three main contacting buttons: Under these contacting buttons is your personal information, which displays details about your location, status, and appearance.

Below this are your ‘Public Book’ and ‘Private Book’ photo albums.

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After all that, all you need to do is activate your account via the email address you provided.

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