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Chat rooms for adult bedwetters

Medical literature states, and studies show, that punishing or shaming a child for bedwetting will frequently make the situation worse.

Select ' OK' to allow Oath and our partners to use your data, or ' Manage options' to review our partners and your choices.Nocturnal enuresis is considered primary (PNE) when a child has not yet had a prolonged period of being dry.Secondary nocturnal enuresis (SNE) is when a child or adult begins wetting again after having stayed dry.In this video, Laura Cox, our Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist, talks about what she wishes someone had told her before ostomy surgery.She doesn’t regret the surgery, and she appreciates her current quality of life — but she does wish she’d had a little better grasp of what her future held.

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She talks about the positives of having an ostomy (it’s not as devastating as you may think before surgery) but she does think that it is a different life.

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