Can atheist dating christian

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Can atheist dating christian

We don't have any arguments about it, but we do make deals.You want to get married in a church, I want x, you want to splash out kids head w water I get y.We have kids and it has always been understood that they will go to church with me until they are old enough to make their own choices. He has his doubts and I expect he'lll probably end up following in his father's footsteps.But I can accept that, since, despite his beliefs, my husband is more Christ-like than many who call themselves husband is more Christ-like than many who call themselves Christian. When I first started dating my atheist boyfriend (now of 2 years, with marriage as a possibility in the future) some of my friends didn't even give us a chance.

but that's not a place I would want to be anyway.Even though we come from largely different place, we often end up reaching the same conclusions when it comes to community, relationships, etc. Like, i'm not saying it's bad, but I just can't fathom it, especially from his point of view.I'm athiest, but I have alot of experience with Christians.Unfortunately, I don't mean a ménage-a-trois in that sexy French way.I mean, I'm in a relationship with my boyfriend and God.

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When we first got together and she mentioned her belief in God, we talked about it for a bit then realised neither of us will change our minds so we just don't bother now.