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In 1875, Joseph Bulova, a Bohemian immigrant, started the J.

Bulova Company in a store on Maiden Lane in Lower Manhattan.

Bulova first worked with NASA on timing devices for the Vanguard I satellite in 1958, and continued to collaborate with NASA for the next several decades.

Bulova and Omega competed to be chosen by NASA as the watch Apollo astronauts would wear on missions to the moon.

Beginning in 1952, Bulova began exploring and developing technologies that would create the first revolutionary change in timekeeping technology in over 300 years: the Accutron.

Using a vibrating tuning fork rather than an oscillating mechanical balance as its time reference allowed the Accutron to achieve unparalleled accuracy of /- 2 seconds per day.

The services of a physician, physical therapist, full-time registered nurse and a "physical medicine consultant" were provided free to the students.Arde Bulova "wished to repay, in some small measure, the sacrifice and service of returning disabled veterans after the Second World War."* The Bulova school helped train an entire generation of American watchmakers.The school provided tuition-free education to teach disabled servicemen the skills of watchmaking "under the most expert supervision and with an all-inclusive curriculum in a pleasant environment where similar interests and problems developed a close-knit, affable group of men working toward common goals." * By the early 50's, as the demand for skilled watchmakers increased in America, the Bulova school opened its doors to disabled civilians as well, and graduates of the Bulova school went on to pursue meaningful careers as not only watchmakers, but also as instrument makers, instrument repairers, micro-machinists, and other trades requiring the precision skills and dexterity of a watchmaker.There, the Setting and Timing units used the data to set the time on all of the company's timepieces in the most accurate way possible.The company was also very innovative with its advertising and marketing.

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Over 1500 jewelers pledged to hire Bulova graduates, so employment upon graduation was assured.

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