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He said he had three grandchildren and asked whether the 13-year-old had a computer in her bedroom, a setup that would allow her easier access with less parental interference.While this man mainly avoided risque questions and answers, the undercover agent regarded him as the most promising prospect for engaging in darker, possibly illegal exchanges, should they meet again online."But even if I stop just one person from getting molested, it makes a difference," she said.The undercover agent chatted with one man for more than an hour.Several agents acknowledged that they can get discouraged by the volume of images and the number of people who appear eager to see them.Bradley, the FBI supervisor, estimated that 80 percent of the customers for child pornography are in the United States.They take a suggestive screen name, go into a chat room and wait to be contacted. He said he was aware of only one case that was tossed out of court in which a state investigator, posing as a mother, was found to have improperly lured the defendant by aggressively pushing him to get involved with her children.More often, authorities struggle to keep pace with the availability of sexually explicit pictures of children and a lingering view among the public that what advocates and police call child pornography often is women dressing up to appear younger, said Ernie Allen, the missing and exploited children center's president.

Another man who believed he was talking to a 13-year-old asked how old she likes her men, then, "virgin?

“You have to be careful of ones you haven’t heard of before or ones with low membership,” Hopkins explained.

That’s why they say it’s important that parents and even video game store employees like Frank Wood at M & M Video Games become the first line of defense by educating kids about the dangers of seemingly innocent apps turning into targets for predators.

Deputies say because the communication on the discord app is in real time, tracking down any criminal activity is nearly impossible.

Derek Hopkins, who goes by the username Eastern Wizard, uses the app to connect with other Pokemon players but says he can see how kids could be lured into bad channels inside the app.

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