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Nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to imagine a blog without accompanying visual content. In fact, the first blogs primarily consisted of text and an image.In 2004, however, everything changed when Steve Garfield decided to hook up his digital camera to his laptop and upload “short clips of protest rallies, traffic short-cuts and even news events onto his personal Internet site.” He dubbed it the year of the video blog.But what really marked the year is the fact that a blogger, Heather B Armstrong, was fired for writing about her coworkers on her personal blog, That event sparked a lot of controversy and raised questions about online privacy.Blogger was originally founded by Pyra Labs as a commercial platform and later acquired by Google, who made it free and available to everyone — a move largely responsible for bringing blogging into the mainstream.This was also the year that the first version of RSS was released for use on My. Com and renamed into Rich Site Summary from its previous name RDF Site Summary.The site was very simple and contained a collection of links Justin found interesting while browsing the web, along with a couple of photos.

He has been cursed to switch sides and experience life on the other side of the coin as a hot chick. The following year marked the launch of You Tube which started out as a dating site before focusing on general video uploads. March 2005 was another turning point in the blogging era when Garrett Graff became the first blogger to be granted a press pass for the White House.Along with the launch of Huffington Post only two months later, the lines between blogging and traditional news reporting began to blur as more and more “cyber journalists” emerged and started covering current news, culture, and sporting events.The platform in question was Moveable Type which was released as a self-hosted platform for bloggers and later introduced the Trackback feature (the ability to alert blogs that you have linked to a specific post on their blog) which is now widely adopted across all blogging platforms.2002 marked the launch of Technorati, the first blog search engine.

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Those early publishing attempts were called “online diaries” or “personal pages.” It wasn’t until 1997 that the term “weblog” was coined by Jorn Barger to describe a log of his internet activity.

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