Bittorrent updating nodes

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But unlike Web, IPFS lacks intense linking and thus "citation ranking" (Page Rank-like). I don't disagree that having content discovery would be nice, but IFPS makes a pretty good case [1] about what it brings to the table over HTTP.My point was that HTTP also has "zero out-of-the-box support" for content discovery, yet once search engines came out, we were fine.[1] I don't really believe the same network can carry its metadata.It's a ready made hash-to-peerlist mapping, so you could just use it for peer-discovery/bootstrapping and do other stuff out-of-band.There already was a BEP to exchange arbitrary stuff, BEP44, for mutable or immutable items.Otherwise, it'll be a kind of gimmicky alternative to HTTP, "auto-archiving HTTP", that never got used for anything real. Content discovery is neither a part of HTTP nor the architecture of the web.It's a feature if it's current landscape, built on top of existing non-ideal ALI and brute force (scanning).There needs to be a BEP for a way to host, serve and search metadata about torrents, not just their info-hashes. Fortunately, there is at least some related thinking in this direction: I don't think that it really goes far enough, as there is no standardization around how the data for searching will be structured, etc.Tribler is a research project of Delft University of Technology.

You don't even need to change the protocol to start using it.Good web search (represented by Google) appeared around 1998, years after the general availability of the web, when the corpus of web pages was already large.Up to this moment, search is powered by ad revenue.IFPS has IPNS [1], the name services (the feature most-directly relevant to the Bittorrent enhancement in question).To date, I'm unaware of an IFPS crawler-and-indexer search engine.[1] is that fair? IPFS falls far short of being useful in a transformative way because it lacks this important feature.

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