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"Society still makes women feel self-conscious about saying they like Asian features, or particularly, Asian guys, so even if they do, they won't let their attraction out in public.

As blogger Dialectic wrote on the popular Asian American online forum The Fighting44s (where four out of the top five most popular posts relate to interracial relationships): "If heterosexual white male patriarchy and what it did in the world were not so powerful, I think it would be fair to say that Asian American women and men would be 'out-dating' or 'out-marrying' at similar rates, and that we wouldn't elevate whites, denigrate ourselves, or worry about whether we're sexually and personally worthy of others to nearly the same extent that we do now." Lover of another color That's what makes it so intriguing that a small but thriving subculture has emerged (where else?"It goes without saying that relationships happen here," says Tom."But Azn Lover's real mission is to help debunk the common stereotypes associated with Asian males, to provide community between people with similar issues, questions and curiosities, and to foster interaction between females of all races and Asian males, so that they realize that, yes, they too are 'sought after items.'" Some who sign up for the site are women already part of AM/XF couples, seeking to become more informed on the cultural and social issues that they're confronting, and to connect with females in a similar situation.And it's too bad, because I'm attracted to Asian men, and I think black female / Asian male couples are beautiful.It's messed up that many Asian American men dismiss women of other races.

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"I joined the site to find like-minded individuals who understood my love of Asian men," says Elizabeth.