Are shahid and priyanka still dating

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Are shahid and priyanka still dating

But when a proposal came her way, Chopra, just like her fans, was taken by surprise!

Butler got down on one knee and everything for Chopra, but it was all in good humor.

It was reported that Chopra tried to commit suicide a few of times and her manager stopped her!

According to reports, Prakash Jaju (her ex-manager) admitted in a series of tweets that Priyanka Chopra “tried to commit suicide 2-3 times” during her “struggling days” and that he stopped her.

They had also been dodging the golden question in interviews.

Baweja, though not a famous star, was reportedly very invested in Chopra as a costar and as a woman he adored.

Things went south for the duo soon after they reportedly started dating, and they were broken up by 2009.

At the time, she was reportedly living in actor and model Aseem Merchant’s home in Mumbai.

The former Miss World (2004) and the actor were dating, but they apparently had a volatile relationship.

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In case you don’t remember this, Shahid and Kareena, co-stars of , also dated for five years. Tell us now,” an excited Kareena said but Priyanka decided to play along.