Are police uniforms intimidating

Posted by / 22-May-2020 16:37

It takes plenty of studying, years of experience, and a tough attitude when it comes to hunting down rule breakers.

Of course, your kid is probably a bit too young to begin his career in the prestigious federal organization, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait on getting him an extra cool career outfit based on his dream job.

We suggest starting a scavenger hunt for your young investigator, to put his super sleuth skills to the test.

Keystone Cops filled the silver screen back in the 1910’s.

This FBI costume takes its inspiration from the signature uniform worn by real FBI agents.

Its simple design includes a jacket, a shiny badge, and a classic baseball hat, giving your child the necessary look to start pursuing his dreams early!

The red coat resembles the one worn by real Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Although well meaning, they never seemed to be up to the task of protecting and serving.

The real British police force is actually a well-trained group of men and women, but we still can’t help but having a good laugh at the Keystone Cops crazy antics on screen, Whether you’re trying to be one of the brave officers who serve for the force of Britain, or you just want to be a bumbling goof from your favorite silent film from the early 20 century, this British Bobby style costume should have you ready to play the part in no time.

This licensed Reno 911 costume looks like it’s straight out of the TV show, giving you the short shorts that Jim Dangle wears to work every day.

Of course, you may need to grow your own mustache if you truly want to pull off this iconic look.

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It’s not at all like what they show in the action movies, where you get to spout saucy one-liners while fighting criminals.