Accommodating multinational societies in nigeria

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Accommodating multinational societies in nigeria

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Identifying this social responsibility causes (activities) that are consistent with these participants’ mission3. Significance of the Study: The result of this exercise will aid the concessionaire (Government of Nigeria) and transmultinational corporations to evaluate their level of commitment to their corporate social responsibility objectives and functions in the light of their dependency on the environment assource of inputs and market for corporate responsibilities It will also highlight the degree of neglect of government as a regulatory agent in the execution of its social responsibility responsibilities The harmonizations of the above qualityenvironment management programmes will catalyze the Niger Delta area and Nigeria to high height in its quest for economic responsibilities5.

Showcase these participants’ objectives and priorities for actions and activities undertaken in their desire to actualize corporate objectives.4. Research Hypothesis: The exercise is built on one hypothesis stated in null form thus: H0: The poor appreciation of corporate social responsibility philosophies among the concessionaire and operators in the Nigeria Petroleum industry does not significantly impact in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria economic development responsibilities6.

Multinational companiessocial responsibilities Selfregulatory rather than market or government mechanisms of control are for protecting personnel information-Swire (1997).

Multinational companies Unfortunately however, most rules and regulations formed due to public outcries have threatened profit maximization, thus the well being of shareholders –Armstrong (1977).

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Multinational companies Abstract Organizations gain social license to operate in a given neighborhood, thus the government of Nigeria, her agencies and the multi-nationals make use of and exploit the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria.

Multinational companiesbook-keeping practices " data-medium-file="https://i1com/ng/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/download-6-4.jpg? fit=259,194&ssl=1" data-large-file="https://i1com/ng/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/download-6-4.jpg?

Multinational companies Most of these outcries relate to the obligations organizationshave to those whose efforts and activities can affect the achievement of corporate objectives as stakeholders, as well as members of the larger public in respect to preservation of the ecological environment and the public welfare.

Multinational companiessocial responsibilities Firms in a bid to accommodating the various interests of the different publics incline to marketing efforts to produce, promote and reclaim environmental sensitive products-Davis (1998), Menon and Menon (1977) and Hartmao and Stafford (1998).

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